How my healing ability developed

To understand how and why I am a medical intuitive, it is important to understand how my healing ability developed.

I discovered I had a healing ability quite by accident. My husband took me to the hospital in 1978 as I was in extreme pain due to a kidney infection. I grew up psychic and intuitively knew I had a kidney infection. I went to the hospital because I wanted something to relieve the pain; my doctor’s office was closed because this took place on a Saturday. Kidney infections are very painful as they feel like a knife is sticking in your back. At the hospital, the doctor in the emergency room insisted on running tests to make sure he knew what was wrong with me before initiating any treatment. Meanwhile, I was in excruciating pain! While the hospital was running their tests, I noticed that concentrating my mind in a certain way lessened the pain I was in. I continued to focus my mind until finally, the pain was gone. I then announced to the doctor that I wanted to leave explaining that the pain was gone. The Doctor seemed annoyed with me and told me to sit down explaining that the pain would be back in five minutes. After a short while, he gave me two prescriptions and told me to have them filled at the pharmacy confirming that I did have a kidney infection. He also suggested that I follow up with my own doctor in three to four days.

The next day when I woke up in the morning, the reality of what had happened suddenly hit me. I called a biophysicist friend and told him that I had healed my kidney infection. My friend suggested that I go to my doctor and follow up. He also suggested that I get an explanation from my doctor without telling my doctor anything about how I had healed myself. I followed my biophysicist friend’s advice. My doctor first thought I left the hospital pain free was because I had received pain medication. When I told him that I received no medications. He was puzzled and decided to run his own tests. The tests he ran showed that there was nothing wrong with me! The kidney infection was gone! When I pressed him for an explanation, all he was able to say was “the goal of the medical profession was to heal my kidney infection and they did.” He was not able to explain how though!

Months later, my daughter came down with viral pneumonia. It initially started as a high fever. On Saturday, she started a really bad cough; I began healing her. I took her to the pediatrician on Monday. The doctor was shocked! The doctor explained: my "daughter had viral pneumonia and two ear infections." She should be close to death and hospitalized as this is very dangerous because people catch this type of pneumonia just like they catch a cold, and it can be deadly since there is no medication that can treat this the way bacterial pneumonia (bacterial pneumonia is an infection that can be treated with antibiotics) can be." The doctor was puzzled because he told me that she seemed like she had more of a cold than pneumonia and he thought that did not make any sense. I knew she was doing so well and the pneumonia was almost gone because I had been healing her.

How my healing ability developed How my healing ability developed